Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist


b. 1986, HK.


Katlyn Shuart

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist


Katlyn was born and raised in Tampa FL and from early on expressed a passion for beauty and fashion. Upon attending college she found a interest for photography that quickly transitioned back to her passion and true love for beauty. She attended Aveda Institute where she received a Masters in Cosmetology. The world of beauty and being on set at photoshoots sparked a desire in her to set out on a journey of providing makeup and hairstyling to all. Katlyn has worked on many photo shoots, as well as video shoots and behind the scenes of runway shows. She continues to provide makeup and hairstyling for the every day woman as well as industry models.


Nancy Cartwright

Rebecca Minkoff

Eden Shireen

Femme Akoi

Mojo Studios

Kristina Houser 

Scream A Geddon

Susan G Koman

Mrs India Universe 2016

Tampa Bay Fashion Week

+ more