Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist


My Experience

The work that continues to build my success

Who says glamour is just for models?

I am currently working on photoshoots, events, proms, weddings, and industry work. I have been blessed to work on set with professional photographers, behind the scenes at runway shows, and provide glamorous hair and makeup for bridals parties, birthday parties, baby showers, galas and much more!


Ellements MagazinePublication in Oct 2017 Issue

Surreal Beauty Magazine
Publications in issues #236 #244 #254 #255

Surreal Beauty
Featured Makeup Artist Issue #236

Published Makeup & Hair Artist 2015

Miss Charlotte Co. Teen 2015
Makeup & Hair for pagent

Makeup for a TV Appearance

Eden Shireen
Fraction of Time Music Video | Album Shoot 2016
Hair & Makeup Artist

Nuru Kimondo
Makeup & Hair for Models

Femme Akoi
Makeup Artist for Brides/Bridal Parties

Mojo Studios
Makeup & Hair Artist for Senior Portraits

Kevin Kolber
Makeup & Hair Artist for Models

Felix Kunze
On location work as Makeup Artist

Teami Blends
Makeup on Teami Owner Adi for Promo Video Shoot


Kristina Houser
Personal Makeup & Hair Artist for photo shoots

Scream A Geddon Commercial
FX Makeup Artist

Scream A Geddon TV Promo
FX Makeup Artist

Scream A Geddon 2015
FX Makeup Artist

Infinite E Designs
Makeup Artist for Summer/Spring Lookbook 2015 + Artillery Fashion Show 2015

Susan G Koman
Makeup on Breast Cancer Survivors to Support Mammogram Tests

Artillery DQ Fashion Show 2015
Makeup Artist

Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2014|2015
Makeup Artist

The Fashion Executives Runway 2014
Makeup Artist

MIA 2 The Bay Runway 2014
Makeup & Hair Artist