Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my makeup and hair session?

Please have your face free from any residual eye makeup and face makeup from the day/night before.

Wash your face and moisturize the night before your shoot. Also moisturizer is ok and preferred for the day of the shoot

Arrive with dry hair. It is better if hair is not freshly washed day of, but I understand if thats not your thing (As long as it is dry and combed through!) No products in the hair is preferred (If you use product on a daily basis use as little as possible)


If you have any specific allergies please be sure to make it known prior to day of. I will ask but this may require you to provide some of your own makeup based on allergy. If you suffer from a severe allergy we can still do a makeup application you would just need to supply all makeup you know would cause you no ills.

Brow Game.

Brows are important! They frame your face, so please ensure you have them maintenance at least 5 days prior. Do not receive brow treatments on day of makeup application, it creates patches and makes the skin un-smooth in those areas.


Have an idea of what you want to look like? I love to see examples of what you think is gorgeous! Also be conscious of outfits you may be wearing during the time the makeup/hair application will place when thinking about makeup & hair. Everything should flow and be cohesive.

Is a retainer required?

A retainer is required to secure your date and time. A retainer is required for all bookings (which I invoice to you) .Your date and time are not secure until the retainer is put down.

Sit back and prepare to see a amazing version of you!

I look forward to working with you! Please feel free to contact me with any information or questions you may have!